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Landscape and Figurative Artist

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Forest of Dean Gallery
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"Deerplace "

Oil/Panel (H120 x W50 cms)


"Parallel Paths"

Oil/Panel (H79 x W102 cms)


"Walkers, Cannop Weir"

Oil/Panel (H62 x W60 cms)



"Extreme Bikers, Dean"

Oil/Panel (H61 x W61 cms)


"Clearing, Ruardean Woodside "

Oil/Canvas(H138 x W93 cms)


"Down Cannop Brook"

Oil/Panel (H100 x W100 cms)


Pigeon Loft, Newham Bottom "

Oil/Panel (H85 x W100 cms)



"Sign, Cannop, Forest of Dean

Oil/Panel (H61 x W61 cms)


"Three Seasons on Ruardean Woodside"

Oil/Panel (H61 x W61 cms)


"Round Cannop Pond"

Oil/Panel (H60 x W165 cms)

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